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CRA, also known as Clint Riddin & Associates, is a specialist community schemes property accounting practice registered with SAIPA. We specialise in accounting and financial management for managing agents and community schemes such as; bodies corporate, share blocks, homeowners’ associations, retirement villages and the like.

We have over 300 clients with offices in Cape Town and representation in Gauteng and Port Elizabeth.

Clint Riddin
Clint Riddin


CRA stands for

We offer the following services:

  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Consulting
  • Forensic

The practice was founded in 2003 by Clint and Michelle Riddin. After qualifying as a Professional Accountant in public practice, Clint spent 10 years in the property management industry where he was a director of a national property management firm. During this time, he identified a need for a more specialised focus on accounting and financial management aspects for community schemes.

Michelle was a portfolio manager in the property management industry for Sectional Title schemes and adds value to the practice in terms of the day to day financial reporting aspects that are needed to meet the needs of all stakeholders, being trustees, directors, owners and the like.

Over the years the practice has gained the invaluable experience of a dedicated team. The products we use are innovative and make full use of IT to ensure a transparent and accessible accounting and reporting systems which allows for on-line real-time access for properly authorised trustees, directors and owners. The software used is Uniprop, a tailor-made South African property management and accounting software product.