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CRA offers accounting, tax, forensic and specialist consulting services to the property community schemes sector. This sector includes bodies corporate, home owners associations, shareblock companies, retirement villages, managing agents and the like.

Our wide range of financial and accounting solutions include monthly bookkeeping, accounting, monthly management reporting, accounting officer reports, annual financial statements and tax practitioner services.

Our tax department provides services which range from advice to registrations to full tax compliance.

We also provide outsourced accounting services to managing agents, with services ranging from full accounting and administrative services to end-user financial advice. These solutions include web-based software solutions.

CRA offers managed accounting, administration and software solutions to the self-managed, (where a managing agent need not be appointed), community schemes clients too; allowing for a cost-effective solution for smaller schemes.

Our associates allow for full accounting and business solutions to other industry types and we will gladly refer you to a relevant specialist associate.


Would you like CRA to manage the financial affairs of your scheme?
This is not a management service in the vein of a traditional managing agency, but an alternative to managing the affairs of your scheme.

  1. We can open and operate a bank account in the name of your scheme in order to keep all finances up to date on a daily basis.
  2. We can pay your creditors and expenses, (petty cash) on your behalf with specific instruction.
  3. We can operate and implement a levy billing and collection system.
  4. We can dispatch notices and circulars, on request.
  5. We can handle owners' queries with regards to their accounts.
  6. We can prepare the annual audit packs for submission to the schemes appointed auditor.
  7. We have access to insurance brokers and sectional title premiums at extremely competitive rates.
  8. We can prepare monthly management reports that will be sent to you which generally include the following;
    • Actual to budget comparison
    • An unaudited balance sheet
    • A levy roll (debtors’ report)
    • A creditor’s roll (creditor’s report)
    • An annual budget prepared in consultation with you.
  9. We can obtain, retain and maintain all statutory records including:
    • Management and Conduct Rules
    • Complete minute book
    • Sectional Title plans
    • Insurance policies
    • A register of sectional bondholders
    • Certificate of establishment
    • Deed searches

Let us take care of the financial needs of your scheme.
Call us now and let us know your needs so that we may send you a proposal and offer our professional advice.


Section 101 of the income Tax Act requires all property entities to appoint a Treasurer (Public Officer) and advise SARS of such appointment. This individual is then responsible for all the Tax compliance for the entity and faces arrest and criminal prosecution should any matter not be attended to.

CRA offers the following Tax Practitioner services that range from advice to registrations to full tax compliance:

  • Registration as a Taxpayer Registration as a Vat Vendor (where applicable)
  • Acting as the Treasurer/Public officer
  • Submitting Provisional Tax returns (where applicable and no longer for community schemes)
  • Submitting Income Tax returns
  • Registration on e – filing
  • EMP201 returns (where the entity is an employer, it must be registered with SARS

Call us now so that one of our knowledgable tax specialists can advise you further and send you a fee estimate for your scheme.


Do you feel that your scheme is being mismanaged or that some financial aspect is amiss?

CRA can do a full forensic investigation for you.

In most cases, a report is required to comment on whether there has been any misappropriation of funds of the scheme by the managing agent, the trustees and/or any other persons responsible for the management, control and financial affairs of the scheme.

Let the CRA team investigate for you!

  • We will conduct full interviews with the persons concerned.
  • We will submit reports on our findings.
  • We will register complaints to the EAAB on your behalf

Call us now!


The CRA team take pride in their knowledge of the Sectional Title's Act. We, as professional accountants specialising in community property schemes are here to advise you, assist you and offer our wide range of specialty services.

Our clients feel at ease knowing that aspects of their scheme are being taken care of by the CRA team and that we are always on stand by should they require any assistance.

Call us now and let us know how we can help you!


Did you know that CRA can act as the Accounting officer for your scheme?

The appointment of an Accounting Officer is required in terms of annexure 8 of the Regulations to the Sectional Titles Act, Act No. 95 of 1986. This appointment is limited to schemes where the units are not more than 9 or management rule 40 has been amended to allow for the appointment of an accounting officer.

Functions and duties:

  • Prepare the Annual Financial Statements with information provided by the scheme according to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Note: It is the trustees'/directors'/members' responsibility to maintain proper accounting records. Such accounting records should adequately present all receipts, payments, income, purchases, expenses, assets, liabilities and reserves. The Auditor/Accounting officer is not required to prepare the financial statement but will do so on request/instruction.
  • Determine that the Annual financial statements agree with the accounting records of the scheme.
  • Taxation (see under tax)


All we need from you is the full legal name of your scheme and the number of units and we'll take care of the rest!

Do you have more than 9 units in your scheme and do not wish to amend PMR 40 which allows for the appointment of an Accounting officer? Do you require an auditor? Look no further, we have the perfect auditor just for you! Audprop offers exceptional auditing services to community property schemes. Call us for a fee estimate to be sent to you now or you can contact Audprop directly:
We can also refer you to a specialist audit firm specialising in auditing community schemes, Audprop Incorporated.

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